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Are you currently looking for a suitable photographer who will keep all of your wonderful memories for you?

This is more difficult than it may sound. After all, every couple has their own ideas and wishes. You should also be nice, because that's the only way you can really feel good in front of the camera.

For this reason, I offer a personal consultation to get to know each wedding. In this conversation, you can ask all questions about the wedding. I am happy to share with you all the experiences I have gained over the years and we will create a schedule for your wedding together.

If you want, there is the possibility of a trial shooting, for example for invitation cards etc. Then you are already fully professional in front of the camera on your wedding day;)

Here is a small guide to the most important points:

Quad Getting ready.jpg

Getting Ready

From when I accompany you, you of course decide individually.

If you want, I'll be with you before the first coffee.

It gets really exciting, however, when the hairstyle gets the finishing touch, the make-up is in place and then you slip into your wedding dress

Quad Getting ready2.jpg

The Wedding

Now is the moment you've been looking forward to for so long. Of course, in such a moment you are excited and a little bit overwhelmed. It is all the nicer to have a look at the pictures later and to review everything again.

Portrait Shoot


Die Portraits

On the wedding day or as an after-weddig shoot? Outdoor shots or in the studio? Before or after the wedding ceremony? What do we do when it rains? ...

All these questions can best be answered in a consultation.

_MG_0028 (4)_edited.jpg

Group Shots

What would a wedding be without group pictures?

Again, there are countless possibilities - a complete group picture, pictures with the parents, groomsmen, siblings, grandparents, friends ...

The Party

In most cases, the celebration begins with the couple's first dance. Wedding games, speeches and other program items are of course also included.

You decide how long you want to have evidence from the party.

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Vielen Dank!

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